Mitchel Cornelis Jan is an abstract painter and sculptor. Just a couple of years ago the decision was made to live arts. So far so good... Mitchel Cornelis Jan is an autodidact that develops his skills by experimenting every single day in his atelier in Amsterdam-Zuid at the hart of the famous havenstraat. 

Mitchel Cornelis Jan creates his best ideas when he is working out or is getting triggered by beauty. 

By painting abstract Mitchel discovered three different phases that need to be balanced correctly to achieve a state in which he creates his most honest works. 


The first step is to listen to our gut feeling and trust the direction it points to. By doing so Mitchel visualizes and sketches a new design for an artwork. 


This phase is about action and showing trust by following the design with confidence and pride. Mitchel draws first blood and get’s the first paint on the canvas. 


Welcome in the land of opportunities. The design was responsible for the kickstart and now the conversation has started of which the outcome is unknown. Mitchel is now painting on intuition. 


Complete absorption in what one does, and a resulting transformation in one's sense of time. Resulting in artworks that amazes one self. 


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Mitchel Cornelis Jan