Giftbox "The Perfect Dance" Pink
Giftbox "The Perfect Dance" Pink
Giftbox "The Perfect Dance" Pink

Giftbox "The Perfect Dance" Pink

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GIFTBOX edition.

Title: The Perfect Dance

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Size: 20 x 20 cm

Giftbox total size: 23 x 23 cm. 

* It is possible to add a personal message. 

All the artworks are handmade and come including a certificate of authenticity as shown in the video.

...inspired by one of the magical phenomena in nature called “The Blood Moon”. 

This artwork represents the complexity, necessity and predictability of the perfect dance between the sun, the earth and the moon. 

This astonishing relationship makes life possible and exceptionally the earth is exactly between the sun and the moon. The sunlight is then bent by the atmosphere as red light towards the earth: this creates a beautiful moon with a mysterious, copper red glow.

Blood moons have often been the subject of ominous myths and legends in the past.

For the Hindu, it was the decapitated Rahu who chases down the Sun and Moon because they betrayed his bid for immortality. Occasionally, he catches and devours them — only for them to reappear from his severed throat. 

We believe it is a chance to break self-evident and honer the magic one creates for us.

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